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Digital & Social Media

Social Media and digital technologies play a critical and integral role in delivering Less Talk More Action. We make this happen through Big Shareable Ideas that get consumers talking about your brand, sharing with each and above all driving people to action to deliver business results.

Digital is seamlessly integrated into all we do. We have highly experienced digital experts and everyone at Emanate is trained and capable in social media and digital PR.
It is a critical and natural part of what we do to deliver results day-in-day-out for Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Philips, Embassy Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Ubisoft, Celebrity Cruises, Heinz, Skyy Spirits and many other clients.

Our core digital skills are community management, content creation and sourcing, developing relationships with the right influencers and hands-on Word-Of-Mouth Marketing.

  • Community Management: At Emanate, we have deep experience in developing and managing branded communities on Facebook and other social networks. We help our clients by acquiring new community members and building brand loyalty through high engagement programming. Our teams are expert at everything from stimulating conversations, handling inquiries and customer service issues.
  • Content Creation: We create or source original digital content designed to be shared and syndicated. This includes development of text, video or audio content, identifying and managing partners, syndication, editorial planning and management.
  • Influencer Relations: At its heart, PR is about building long-term relationships with people who influence opinion about companies and brands. We have translated our years of experience in building influence to the online world. It starts with strategic analysis and identification of online influencers then in a targeted way, we build long-term relationships with key influencers, developing targeted engagement strategies to get them talking about your brands
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Last but not least Emanate generates direct engagement between your brands and consumers through hands-on word-of-mouth marketing. This includes, Twitter and Facebook campaigns, paid and earned blogging campaigns, tightly integrated with offline PR and marketing activities.

All of this is supported with a disciplined approach to measurement and a wide range of technology tools.

To find out more about what drives our passion and what we think, visit our blog.


“Digital and social media extends the reach, power and speed of PR to influence. It makes it easier to turn influence into action. We believe the greatest power in using social media is to activate positive word-of-mouth. You start by listening to see who’s talking positively about you, then you engage with them and ultimately activate them as brand evangelists.”
 - Kim Sample, CEO, Emanate
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