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Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications & Reputation Management 

It’s a new day for corporate communicators. No longer is it sufficient to merely keep critical audiences abreast of corporate developments; they must be actively engaged with your brand and able to validate your corporate reputation. Today, awareness and favorable opinions are table stakes. Turning believers into advocates and prompting them to act on your behalf is where the real reputation game is won and lost.

Emanate approaches reputation management from the audience perspective to truly understand what they require in order to move up that advocacy value chain. For most it’s the same demand: Less talk and more action! Don’t tell me how great your company is, show me!

To help clients meet these expectations, Emanate’s corporate communications and reputation management offerings are aligned with the six core criteria against which organizations like yours are judged every day:

  • Vision & Leadership: Corporate Positioning, Executive Visibility, Thought Leadership Marketing, Influencer Engagement, Strategic Media Relations, Internal Communications
  • Technical Innovation: Non-Financial Analyst Relations, Industry Communications, Awards and Recognition Programs, Digital and Social Media Platforms
  • Financial Stability: Financial Communications, Investor Relations, Transaction Support and Change Management, Crisis and Issues Management
  • Product Quality: B2B Communications, Product and Service Marketing, Customer Relationship Management Strategies, Customer Advocate Relations
  • Sustainability: Environmental Communications, CSR and Corporate Citizenship Programming, Strategic Philanthropy Initiatives
  • Transparency: Financial Reporting, CSR Reports, Executive Accessibility Initiatives (via traditional and social media), Governance Issues

“A solid corporate reputation can unlock the ROI of every communication you bring to market. It provides audiences with the ‘permission’ they need before advocating and acting on your behalf – that holds true whether they’re at the water cooler, across your global enterprise, in the check-out line, on Main Street, Wall Street or the Hill.” – Matthew Rose, Chief Client Officer, Emanate
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