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Consumer Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing: We believe that in today’s environment – where the media, economic and cultural climate and consumer appetite can change with the click of a mouse – the best communications strategies are those that involve as many consumer touch points as possible. So whether it’s advertising, experiential events, direct mail, digital engagement or earned media relations, we approach every opportunity holistically with the consumer’s perspective in mind.
  • Media Relations: From The New York Times to Perez Hilton, we drive media action for our clients by building a specific strategy that matches message with outlet, story with writer, all fueled by tons of creativity. Our media relations expertise comes from our team’s commitment to forging significant long-term relationships with key media and consistently providing them with meaningful and creative content.
  • Product Launch and Sustainment: From splashy events to blogger seedings and everything in between, we adore being involved in a product’s infancy and watching your baby grow. We know that launches are only successful if they get your customers’ attention and move them to action and we also know that launch is but one moment in time to tell your brand’s story. We also adore the “Terrible Twos,” “Tween,” “Adult,” and even the "Geriatric" stages of a brand’s lifecycle.
  • Influencer Engagement: Every industry has its own network of influencers that drive buzz and dictate conversations. We identify and then captivate influencers who provide endorsement, information and advice and inspire others to connect with our clients’ brands.
  • Measurement: Here’s our philosophy on measurement: It doesn’t count unless you can count it. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Goal-setting comes first – if you don’t know where you are going, how do you know if you got there? We believe solid research and trend analysis is the cornerstone of any successful public relations program.
“Our consumer marketing specialists know how to identify the right messengers for your brand and are able to navigate social and traditional media to make sure they share the right story at the right time. From launching new-to-the-world products to reinvigorating existing brands, in industries ranging from food to beauty, travel to financial services, our team surrounds the consumer with a differentiated, relevant message, making sure that your brand is featured everywhere your target is going to for information.” – MaryBeth Clayton, Director, Consumer Marketing, Emanate

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