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Health & Wellness
  • Consumer Awareness: Driving brand awareness and the ignition point that motivates media to engage and consumers to take action
  • Media Relations: Bringing the right media and the right story together to motivate understanding and advocacy
  • Grassroots Advocacy Partnership Development: Harnessing the collective interest of local community advocates to educate and activate branded and unbranded initiatives
  • Data Promotion and Meeting Support: Supporting scientific innovation with influencers, stakeholders, media and patients
  • Professional Communications and Relationship-Building: Understanding and supporting the healthcare practitioner needs and desires, creating the right partnership
“Communication has become multi-faceted, and in some cases, complicated for the consumer – especially when it comes to health, wellness and beauty decisions as they are extremely crowded markets. By understanding the network of influence and consumer desires, we can help to make the conversations productive and ignition points for change.”
 – Evelyn Sprigg, Director, Healthcare Marketing, Emanate
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