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Relevance Marketing: The Shortest Path to Success

The Old Way (Blunt Force Marketing)
Sometimes marketing budgets get thrown at every channel just to see what sticks. Sure there are hits, but there are also plenty of misses, and this inefficiency makes it difficult to accurately measure return on investment. We believe there’s a better way.

The New Way (Relevance Marketing)
At Emanate, we get to know our target audiences through research, analytics and testing. We examine what’s truly relevant in their lives, what they care about and what motivates them to act.

This leads us to insights that go beyond the obvious and reveal the shortest path to success. From there, we can create compelling stories and integrated marketing strategies that deliver the right message to the right audience through the right channel at the right time.

Why Relevance Marketing Works
By focusing on relevance, Emanate will help you engage the target who really cares about what you're saying, and ultimately, drive them to respond. And in the end, you’ll not only see valuable outcomes that build your business, but results that are backed up with a solid ROI.


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