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What Women Want: Philips Lumea Changes the Way Women Remove Unwanted Hair at Home

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For decades, women have dealt with expensive courses of salon laser treatments, painful waxing sessions and unsightly shaving rashes resulting from traditional hair removal methods. In a crowded market full of alternative hair removal solutions, Philips tasked Emanate London with launching the new Lumea, an innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) depilation solution for use in the home that safely prevents hair re-growth. Emanate was challenged with introducing a product (that was already available in stores) during one of the busiest times of the year (fashion week) and garnering positive buzz from one of the toughest audiences around (beauty editors).
  Deneice Harwin
Senior PR Manager
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
"Emanate did a fantastic job of communicating the benefits and how Lumea works and the coverage has been outstanding, with positive reviews in all our key media throughout the summer. We are really pleased with the results – the best campaign of the year for us!"
Rather than simply sending the Lumea product out to beauty publications, the Emanate team made a strategic decision to implement a series of one-on-one “luxury desk-side” meetings with key beauty editors. They delivered the Philips Lumea as part of a beautiful gift pack and had the opportunity to fully demonstrate the features of the product to each journalist, while also discussing potential feature opportunities. The team reached the beauty editors before the vital planning stages for summer features, allowing time for trial of the product, ensuring maximum coverage potential.
Following the successful one-on-one luxury desk-side meetings, Philips Lumea received coverage in six national newspaper feature articles, nine monthly women’s style magazines, six weekly women’s style magazines, and 18 top beauty blogs and national women’s online magazines. The campaign established tremendous face-to-face relationships for the brand with high-profile media and significantly strengthened brand recognition among influential editors.
  1. Capture attention of media and consumers through innovative nature of the product offering
  2. Establish relationships with top-tier media through one-to-one briefing sessions
  3. Use trial to demonstrate effectiveness of the solution

Amanda Moulson
Amanda Moulson

Eleanor Darley
Eleanor Darley
Senior Associate

Kate Murrell
Kate Murrell
Senior Associate

We’ve exceeded expectations in the amount of coverage that we’ve delivered and have learned that great results come from building key relationships and taking the time to educate media about new technology such as IPL. Once we convinced them to trial the Lumea and they could see the results, the product really spoke for itself.
Kate Murrell
Senior Associate, Emanate
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