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High-Energy Campaign: How Bauknecht Challenged Residents of Nine German Cities to Update Their Appliances and Be More Energy Efficient 

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When a company celebrates its 90th Anniversary, the anniversary in itself symbolizes tradition, reliability and value. Bauknecht, however, wanted more: a campaign that looked to the future. 
  Viola Linke
Brand Loyalty Manager 
Bauknecht Hausgeräte GmbH
"With the 'away with energy dissipaters’ campaign, we have our finger on the pulse and have again underlined our ability to serve as a consultant to the consumer. It was incredibly fun to keep track of the progress of each individual city and see the large amount of people who were impacted by this campaign."
On the 90th Anniversary of the founding of Bauknecht, we called on residents of nine German cities to exchange a total of 90 "energy dissipaters", that is, old kitchen appliances, for new, energy efficient appliances. With participation key to success, each city was motivated to have as many residents as possible sign-up. Ironically, the older and more out-of-date their appliances were, the greater chance the individual stood of winning. The integrated campaign was accompanied by a specially designed website (, radio partnerships, promotional teams, media relations and social media activities.
Within just three months, the campaign involved 25,000 participants, received coverage in 700 publications/articles and yielded 140 followers on Twitter, resulting in more than 90MM media impressions. Ultimately, 90 households in Dresden were rewarded with new "energy efficient" Bauknecht appliances and residents were thrilled with the significant cost savings. 
  1. Coincide the anniversary with a topic that concerns as many people as possible
  2. Select major cities for a strategic campaign roll-out, focusing on large media markets
  3. Utilize radio as a significant media channel throughout the campaign
  4. Drive traffic to the campaign website to receive a high number of applications
  5. Spread awareness with a multi-faceted media program and a variety of activities
  6. Incorporate social media as an important accompanying channel

Susanne Kochs
Susanne Kochs
Managing Director / Geschäftsführer

Sonja Guenther
Sonja Guenther
VP / Trend and Innovation Coach

Kathrin Felder
Kathrin Felder
Account Associate

When creating the campaign, we always kept the consumer experience in mind. Before you’re able to get consumers thinking about energy efficient appliances, you need to let them know how much energy their appliances consume.  With the campaign website, we not only educated the consumer, but also brought the brand front of mind and encouraged them to participate actively in the campaign.
Susanne Kochs
Managing Director, Emanate Germany 
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