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Less talk, more action. Sounds good, right? At Emanate, we aim to set a new standard in PR. We believe it’s time to stop measuring words and outputs and start focusing on actions and outcomes -- whether it's in the boardroom or customers’ wallets. Everything we do is guided by a commitment to integrate well with clients, partners and each other to drive the most measurable and effective public relations programs possible. 

Relevance Marketing

Recent Emanations

I just watched 5 minutes of ads…by choice
Nov 21, 2014
Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. That is the sound of this cynical Creative Director offering up a humble golf clap to a brand who hoodwinked me into watching a collective 5 minutes of advertising across two different spots. Well played Newcastle…well …
By George, Will & Kate are Part of Gen Duo!
Aug 06, 2013
With the arrival of the Royal Baby, we wanted to ask Gen Duo couples how they make decisions about baby-care. Here’s the latest intelligence from our Gen Duo panel, a beta forum made up of couples who share in decisions …
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